Impact Investing Report 2022 – Towards 100% Impact

In our recent impact update, we commented that 2022 was a year of reflecting on McConnell’s role in the impact investing market, recommitting investments to leading fund managers, and re-envisioning our strategy to build a 100% impact portfolio by 2028.

This full report has three aims: to provide a detailed look into our impact portfolio and performance as of December ‘22, offer an overview of our revised impact management approach, and share more about our plans and progress towards 100% impact. Each annual impact report between now and 2028 will provide an update on our progress towards achieving the 100% impact goal.

As the responsible investment market matures, there is a greater need for a shared commitment to transparency and consistency around impact management to ensure investments are genuinely leading to better outcomes.

As part of this focus on impact transparency, we have introduced an Impact Learnings section that reports not only on our positive impact data and performance, but also shares lessons learnt and highlights what could be improved. Our aim is not to criticize, but to collaboratively work with our partners and the wider sector to improve standards of impact management, starting with our own approach.

To encourage more capital to move in the direction of impact, investors also need a better understanding of how to integrate impact and financial performance analysis. Thankfully, guidance is emerging to help investors assess and measure how impact can be a driver of financial value.

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