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Our commitment to Montreal

The Foundation remains deeply committed to our Montreal roots, where we continue to support local projects as we have done since 1937. On this page, you will find information about the funding priorities and application guidelines for our Montreal funding stream.

Our Montreal funding stream

Since our founding in 1937, the McConnell Foundation has supported many organizations dedicated to improving the lives of Montrealers. Today, alongside our Focus Areas of communities, reconciliation and climate change, the Foundation remains deeply committed to our Montreal roots, where we continue to support local projects. Montreal funding decisions are approved yearly in the spring.

In addition to funding Montreal-based projects that advance our three focus areas, we devote approximately $2 million annually to funding organizations and institutions that have a positive impact on the greater Montreal community, and that meet the criteria below:

  • Major campaign funding:
    We define major campaigns as targeted efforts to fundraise for large projects that require significant capital, often in the scale of the millions over multiple years. McConnell will fund up to 10% of the total capital campaign request, to a maximum of $1 million over five years per request. 
  • Revitalizing heritage buildings for the social sector:
    We invite applications from charitable organizations and nonprofits revitalizing heritage buildings for use by the social sector. Projects may be at different stages of development and funding may be used for developing financial models, space analysis, consultancy fees, construction and renovation, etc. Funding requests for building purchase will not be considered.
  • Hospitals:
    We no longer provide capital campaign support to hospitals and healthcare centres. However, we will support hospitals, CISSS and CIUSSS in the greater Montreal area interested in being part of the Nourish Leadership program. Nourish supports healthcare leadership on climate, equity and community wellbeing through food. The Foundation will provide between $50,000 to $100,000 per institution for projects on the Food For Health levers. Learn more on the Nourish Leadership website.  

Application guidelines for Montreal organizations

Decision tree for organizations seeking Montreal funding. Montreal funding is for capital campaign support or for revitalizing heritage buildings.
Decision tree for organizations seeking Montreal funding. Montreal funding is for capital campaign support or for revitalizing heritage buildings.

Montreal-based organizations seeking funding for communities, reconciliation or climate, should apply through the McConnell Foundation’s focus areas funding streams. To explore your project idea, or if you are unsure which focus area is right for your application, we invite you to book a 15-minute virtual office hours appointment with a member of our program team. They will help you explore potential alignment between your project and our focus area funding and guide you to resources you may need as you consider applying.

A note on applying and eligibility

Unlike our focus area funding streams, applicants for Montreal funding are only required to submit a short-form application along with budgetary information. All funding decisions are approved once a year in the spring.

In addition to our general eligibility criteria which can be found on our For Applicants page, the Montreal funding stream does not consider requests:

  • for major campaigns at private educational institutions, hospitals and healthcare centres.
  • for major campaigns that focus solely on research, programming, annual operating funds or other recurring costs
  • from for-profit organizations (except in rare and specific situations)
  • to reduce accumulated capital or operating deficits
  • for endowments
  • involving partisan political activities
  • involving strictly religious purposes or activities
  • for purely academic or basic research
  • for organizations or projects based outside of Canada
  • for international development
  • for emergency needs

Recent funding

Funding will contribute to the Old Brewery Mission’s capital campaign for service and to renovate three buildings.

$ 1,000,000 2024 - 2030

Funding will contribute to Santropol Roulant’s capital campaign, for a universally accessible Agroeducational Centre in support of its food programs.

$ 150,000 2024 - 2026

Funding will contribute to BCHM’s capital campaign, for its Le village du BCHM - Lakou pataj project.

$ 400,000 2024 - 2027

Funding will contribute to CCHM’s capital campaign and for its programs dedicated to socio-professional integration of neurodivergent people, as well as developing urban greenhouses.

$ 100,000 2024 - 2026

Funding will contribute to urgent renovations of Bois Urbain's building for woodworking training and socio-professional integration services in Montreal.

$ 50,000 2024 - 2025

Funding to the Fondation Sablon's capital campaign will contribute to renovating its building and aquatic centre making them accessible for children with reduced mobility or special needs.

$ 400,000 2024 - 2027

Ready to submit? Log-on to our Application and Reporting Portal to start your Montreal application.