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The McConnell Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprising family members who set policy and assure the Foundation’s good governance. Their leadership and judgement defines the Foundation’s work in Canada’s philanthropic sector. The Board and Foundation are served by a small staff headquartered in Montreal. If you want to apply for funding, please read the For Applicants page first.

Want to get in touch? If you have any questions or inquiries, we invite you to reach out to our team via our contact form.

Staff directory (alphabetical order)

Lorraine Balleine wears a bright red wrap shirt. She has short hair.

Lorraine Balleine

Director of Finance

McConnell logo: a multicoloured circle with pieces missing from the edges.

Megan Batty

Program Associate

McConnell logo: a multicoloured circle with pieces missing from the edges.

Steve Bernstein

Manager, Information Technology

Annie Bérubé wears a white v-neck shirt under a black blazer.

Annie Bérubé

Program Director

Lynda Bolduc - photo

Lynda Bolduc

Accounting & Payroll Specialist

Photo Alexandra Chamberlin

Alexandra Chamberlin

Impact Investment Manager

Naolo Charles wears a blue suite over a blue button down shirt. He is standing in front of a large artwork of wings.

Naolo Charles

Program Director, Communities

Katia Haddad's curly brown hair billows down over her black blazer and white shirt.

Katia El Haddad

Funding and Database Associate

Nicolina Farella

Program Director

McConnell logo: a multicoloured circle with pieces missing from the edges.

Andrew Filipek

Investment Analyst

Photo of Naomi Graham, in the background a photo of an Eagle in red, black and white, in the Haida Nation type of iconography, with 7 feathers around a circle.

Naomi Graham

Program Officer, Reconciliation

McConnell logo: a multicoloured circle with pieces missing from the edges.

Sonia Greco

Funding Administrator

Photo of Kelly Hodgins; in the background a green artwork representing forests and lush greenery.

Kelly Hodgins

Program Manager

Rosemarie Iapalucci wears a blue shirt with lace sleeves. She is standing in front of a three-dimensional multimedia artwork.

Rosemarie Iapalucci

Funding Manager

Brian Jackson wears a vest with an embroidered feather on each breast. Behind him is a painting of a sturgeon by an Indigenous artist.

Brian Jackson

Program Director, Reconciliation

Marie-Caroline Juneau wears a deep green blazer over a white shirt. She is standing in front of a curtained window.

Marie-Caroline Juneau

Program Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Photo of Jamiey Kelly with an Indigenous artwork in the background.

Jamiey Kelly

People & Culture Manager

Gilles Hervé wears a blazer, pocket square button down shirt. He smirks looking at the camera.

Gilles Hervé Koffi

Investment Analyst

Emma Kroeker wears a bright blue blazer over a black t-shirt.

Emma Kroeker

Program Manager, Reconciliation

Photo of Wren Lang

Wren Laing

Investment Director

Photo of Caroline Lin, Chief Operating Officer

Caroline Lin

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Maggie MacDonald, with artwork in the backgound represengin a lake, with cloudy mountains in greys and dark blues.

Maggie MacDonald

Director, Communications and Governmental Relations

Rohini Mohanlal wears a chunky light blue cardigan. She stands in front of an oversized painting of interlocking rectangles.

Rohini Mohanlal

Program Officer, Climate

McConnell logo: a multicoloured circle with pieces missing from the edges.

Patricia Parker

Operations Specialist

Lili-Anna Peresa wearing a blazer, a scarf, standing in front of a colourful abstract painting.

Lili-Anna Pereša

Chief Executive Officer

Learn more about Lili-Anna

Edmund Piro wears a blazer over a striped blue shirt. He stands in front of two colourful block art paintings.

Edmund Piro

Chief Investment Officer

Jane Rabinowicz wears a messy bun and a green cheetah print button down shirt. She leans forward over a table and clasps her hands.

Jane Rabinowicz

Chief Program Officer

Dominique St-Louis wearing her hair in a braided bun with a grey headband, and a button-down maroon shirt.

Dominique Régis-Louis

Administrative Assistant, President's Office

Sabrina St-Louis stands with one arm resting on a shelf. She wears glasses and a blazer over a dress.

Sabrina Saint-Louis

Executive Secretary, President's Office

Frances Scott

Program Officer