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The majority of our current funding is allocated to our three focus areas: Communities, Reconciliation and Climate. In addition to our focus areas, we devote a small portion of our funding to support organizations based in our home city of Montreal, and to organizations seeking to strengthen their capacity to address social and environmental change.

We also occasionally direct modest amounts of funding to support unique and time-sensitive needs through our Opportunity funds, or to organizations that seek to test a new idea aligned with our focus areas through our Program Development funding. Finally, our staff and board occasionally provide directed funds to charities across the country.  A full list of our funding can be viewed on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

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Funding will contribute to a five-year project for mentorship, training and networking, as well as the launch of a Northern Impact Fund.

$ 510,0002023-2028

Funding will contribute to capacity strengthening with skills training and networking for artists, as well as events across Quebec, in person and online.

$ 150,0002023-2025

Funding will contribute to implement the Find an Independent Mining Expert (FAIME) database in Canada.

$ 300,0002023-2026

Funding will contribute to data collection and analysis to provide sector-specific information on climate investments.

$ 240,0002023-2026

Funding will contribute to the Vision 2030 collaborative project to address sector priorities for environmental non-profit organizations.

$ 250,0002023-2026

Funding will contribute to SI Canada’s role as a connector, knowledge mobilizer, and impact-focused project platform for social innovation throughout Canada.

$ 750,0002023-2026

Funding will contribute to develop public policies for immigrant caregivers through workshops, tools and mutual support.

$ 240,0002023-2026

Funding will contribute to five start-up CLTs, focusing on equity-deserving groups and expanding the non-profit housing ecosystem.

$ 279,0002023-2026

Funding will contribute to developing Black business incubators for local businesses and community groups in Nova Scotia.

$ 750,0002023-2026