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The majority of our current funding is allocated to our three focus areas: Communities, Reconciliation and Climate. In addition to our focus areas, we devote a small portion of our funding to support organizations based in our home city of Montreal, and to organizations seeking to strengthen their capacity to address social and environmental change.

We also occasionally direct modest amounts of funding to support unique and time-sensitive needs through our Opportunity funds, or to organizations that seek to test a new idea aligned with our focus areas through our Program Development funding. Finally, our staff and board occasionally provide directed funds to charities across the country.  A full list of our funding can be viewed on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

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Funding will contribute to evidence-based research and policy work to build equity in climate programs and policies.

$ 500,0002024-2027

Funding will contribute to two projects of the Clean Economy Fund to advocate for ambitious climate policy: New Economy Canada and the Housing and Climate Task Force.

$ 470,0002024-2027

Funding will contribute to the Elders Knowledge Circle by strengthening organizational capacity and enhancing capacity of current Elders and Knowledge Keepers. 

$ 200,0002024-2026

Funding will contribute to CCAB's work to gather data on Indigenous business success and a program for Indigenous entrepreneurs. 

$ 1,200,0002024-2029

Funding will contribute to implementing recommendations of the Renfrew Inquest and strengthen prevention of gender-based violence and feminicides

$ 200,0002024-2026

Funding will contribute to the Old Brewery Mission’s capital campaign for service and to renovate three buildings.

$ 1,000,0002024-2030

Funding will contribute to Santropol Roulant’s capital campaign, for a universally accessible Agroeducational Centre in support of its food programs.

$ 150,0002024-2026

Funding will contribute to BCHM’s capital campaign, for its Le village du BCHM - Lakou pataj project.

$ 400,0002024-2027

Funding will contribute to CCHM’s capital campaign and for its programs dedicated to socio-professional integration of neurodivergent people, as well as developing urban greenhouses.

$ 100,0002024-2026