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Accessibility across our organization

Creating a partner that is inclusive and accessible to all is an important priority for the McConnell Foundation. In alignment with our broader work to implement Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) throughout our organization, we are continually working to make everything we do — from our website, offices, application processes and communications – as accessible as possible.  

Meeting accessibility standards

The McConnell Foundation website aims to make all the information on these pages accessible everyone by following universal accessibility standards that are designed to meet the needs of individuals with varying types of abilities:  

 These recommendations are intended to ensure that users of the site can perceive, use and understand the same information, regardless of the tools and methods they use to do so.  


To achieve this, the following elements have been taken into consideration in terms of design and usability:  

  • Being able to navigate the site with a screen reader  
  • Using high colour contrast on fonts and graphics  
  • Using a readable font with respectable text spacing  
  • Testing the site on extension tools  
  • Using the browser’s zoom feature to increase the size of the text if necessary and arrange the content so that it does not overlap when using the enlargement features to at least 200%.  
  • Ensuring that links, forms and navigation mechanisms are usable with both keyboard and mouse, 
  • Associating textual alternatives to images and other non-textual content that conveys information.  
  • All videos produced by the Foundation since 2021 include captions. 


In order to test the accessibility of the site, the following tools were used:  

  • The free NVDA screen reader version 2012.3.1 to perform functional accessibility evaluation in sound and Braille mode.  
  • The Color Contrast Analyzer to measure colour contrast compliance. 


Progressive Improvements 

We recognize that improving accessibility in everything we do is a work in progress. Like many organizations with large websites that have grown over many years, we cannot guarantee that all the content on our site is currently equally accessible. While we are consciously working to improve the accessibility of our pages over time, we are aware that some content does not yet meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards. This includes: 

  • Reports prior to 2021 are not formatted for screen readers. 
  • Older videos may not have captions  
  • Older articles and report pages may not have alt text on images 


Third-party content 

We occasionally link to third-party website and applications that are developed and maintained by other organizations. While we do our best to ensure that the applications and providers we work with follow accessibility standards, some external links and embedded content may not meet WCAG standards for accessibility.  

Feedback and Suggestions  

If you have any difficulties in navigating this website, please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. Sharing your browsing experience will help us improve the website for all users.  


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