Trinity Centres Foundation

Background of the organization

The Trinity Centres Foundation was established in 2018 as a pan-Canadian charitable organization with the goal of lovingly preserving, restoring and repurposing underutilized churches into dynamic spaces for dialogue and interaction accessible for multiple uses to a multiplicity of different individuals and groups. 

Applying a new social business model that generates both societal and economic value, the Foundation is committed to enabling churches to continue to bring about positive change, while maintaining a secure financial future. In the process, innovative new ways will be found to deliver services, while advancing social inclusion and revitalizing communities and local neighbourhoods. 

Project description

The Trinity Centre Foundation received support for the revitalization of heritage buildings as part of the McConnell Foundation’s Montreal funding stream. Funds will be used to create a structure to identify underutilized heritage faith properties, convene a table of faith-leaders to explore the possibility of reimagining their properties as social purpose real estate (e.g., community hubs and affordable housing) and to identify the properties that are best positioned to have the highest community impact. 


  • 2022-2022
  • $ 100,000
  • Funding Type: Montreal funding
  • Funding Stream: Montreal

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