Nouveaux Voisins (Dark Matter Labs)

Background of the organization:

Dark Matter Labs is a strategic discovery, design and development lab working to transition society in response to technological revolution and climate breakdown. They are focused on the great transitions needed for societies to respond to the technological revolution and climate breakdown we face, with the aim of discovering, designing and developing the institutional “dark matter” that supports a more democratic, distributed and sustainable future.


Grant Description:

Nouveaux voisins (New Neighbours) is a non-profit initiative that seeks to transform “lawn culture” and our relationships with land. Starting with reclaiming biodiversity from the encroachment of lawns (cultivated grass, requiring fertilizer and pesticides), the initiative also addresses the challenges of urban heat islands and aims to increase the sequestration of carbon in the soil, leading to greater resilience among communities. The Foundation’s support for this project was part of a larger envelope of funding for the Emergence Room, a collaborative space for emergent initiatives that address deep structural transition, initiated by Dark Matter Labs, MaRS and McConnell.


  • 2020-2020
  • $ 20,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Covid-19 Emergency Funds

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