Motivate Canada

Background of organization:  

Motivate Canada offers programs for young people to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become active in their communities. In particular, the organization uses sports and recreation to inspire and train youth to get involved in community-based projects.


Grant description:  

A one-year grant from the Foundation allowed a coalition of sports and Aboriginal organizations to build effective program and financial partnerships and to test existing program models. These organizations are in the process of developing a coherent national strategy and a comprehensive suite of sports programs that are managed by Aboriginal communities and supported by government policy.

The Foundation’s grant is allowing the Active Circle to support at least 40 Aboriginal communities in establishing community sport programs focused on involving youth in healthy activities and leadership development.

The project involves the following activities:

  • Training and institutional support to communities and Aboriginal sport bodies:  
  • Development and expansion of Community Sport Programs:  
  • Establishment of Aboriginal youth internships; 
  • Research and documentation of promising practices;
  • Policy development with decision-makers;
  • Effective communications across communities.


At the end of five years, it is anticipated that the Active Circle initiative will be well-known in Aboriginal communities and among policymakers as an innovative, youth-led sport program that contributes both to personal and to community development.


  • 2007-2013
  • $ 2,072,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Sport for Development

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Motivate Canada

To support the enhancement of the GEN7 program in three ways: through the development and implementation of a new train-the-trainer approach for youth leadership; infusion of the GEN7 youth training curriculum with examples of Indigenous teachings and practices; and development of an evaluation methodology that is culturally relevant to Indigenous peoples.

$ 530,000

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