Montreal Resilience

Background of the organization

The homeless population in Cabot Square lost their day-centre service when the Open Door shelter relocated in 2019. Many deaths were reported in the sector, and in response to this crisis two community leaders from the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal and Nazareth House joined forces to form Resilience Montreal. The launch of the new centre was supported by the city and a group of seven foundations, including Pathy, Centraide of Greater Montreal, and the Montreal Community Foundation. Approximately 200 people are served per day, more than 50% of whom are Indigenous.

An offer has been accepted on a building on Atwater and Resilience Montreal’s three-year operational plan includes the purchase, renovations, maintenance and operations. The purchase and move has strong support by Bâtir son quartier, a 40-year-old organization which has supported more than 400 social housing and community organizations projects.


Project Description

Funding from the foundation will support the establishment and operation of Resilience Montreal through its three-year plan. The new building on Atwater will include a wellness centre as the organization intends to provide a more holistic approach in addition to basic services such as delivering food and clothing. In the third year, they will have an overnight shelter, prevention services, health and security accompaniment.





  • 2021-2023
  • $ 300,000
  • Funding Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Communities

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