Collective Impact Project

Background of the organization

In 2015, Centraide joined forces with eight major foundations to create the Collective Impact Project (CIP), which brings together numerous institutional and community partners. The CIP adapts a unique approach to collective impact by offering support tailored to the reality of each Montreal neighbourhood. By starting with the needs of the communities, it is possible to identify, with stakeholders, desirable changes to better address targeted issues, such as poverty or social exclusion. The CIP offers support that is tailored to the reality of each neighbourhood. It invites neighbourhoods to experiment, innovate and find new ways to accelerate change.   


Project Description

Funding will contribute to the development and implementation of Phase II of the Collective Impact Project. Over the years, a vibrant, innovative and committed community has been built around the CIP. For the second phase, the CIP wants to build on this community to continue its momentum. In Phase II of the CIP, the targeted changes are: to improve the quality of life and living conditions on the entire island of Montreal, and to inspire community development practices in the metropolis and beyond.  


  • 2020-2025
  • $ 1,000,000
  • Funding Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Communities

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Related Funding

Centraide of Greater Montreal

A grant from the Foundation will enable Centraide of Greater Montreal (Centraide), in partnership with the Chagnon Foundation and several other private foundations, to launch a large-scale Collective Impact Project with the goal of improving the lives of Montreal's most vulnerable residents while collaborating on an innovative approach to neighbourhood revitalization.

$ 2,000,000

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