Centraide of Greater Montreal


Founded in 1966, Centraide of Greater Montreal is an independent organization managed by a board of directors which is representative of the community. It serves the Island of Montreal, Laval and communities on the South Shore. Centraide relies on a network of over 73,000 volunteers, 50,000 of whom work in the network of agencies it supports. More than 160,000 people contribute financially to Centraide’s campaign, which is supported by some 2,100 businesses and corporations, institutions, and public and parapublic organizations as well as large trade unions. Centraide funds 360 community agencies and projects that help over 500,000 vulnerable people.

Grant Description

A grant from the Foundation will enable Centraide of Greater Montreal (Centraide), in partnership with the Chagnon Foundation and several other private foundations, to launch a large-scale Collective Impact Project with the goal of improving the lives of Montreal’s most vulnerable residents while collaborating on an innovative approach to large-scale poverty reduction.

This Collective Impact Project will involve sustained engagement with three or four key neighbourhoods over several years, and selective support for another dozen neighbourhoods on an annual basis. Funded interventions will target such things as reducing drop-out rates in schools through increased parental involvement; improved living conditions through better food security and access to affordable housing; and broader systemic change including better public transportation and crime reduction through municipal and private sector hiring policies.

In addition to the financial and technical support that will be channeled directly to neighbourhoods, Centraide and McConnell have agreed to establish a Social Innovation Fund – resources to enable collaboration with neighbourhoods on innovative projects.

Website: http://www.centraide-mtl.org/en/ 


  • 2015-2020
  • $ 2,000,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Cities for People