Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission


Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission was formed by a group of experienced, policy-minded economists from across the country, seeking to broaden the discussion of ecofiscal policy reform beyond the academic sphere and into the realm of practical policy application. The Ecofiscal Commission and its Commissioners are fully independent and aim to serve policy-makers across the political spectrum, at all levels of government.

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission is supported by an Advisory Board with broad and diverse perspectives representing industry, the environment and the spectrum of political thought in Canada.

Grant Description

A grant from the Foundation supports the work of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, which Launched November 4, 2014. The Commission’s mission is to identify and promote practical fiscal solutions for Canada that spark the innovation required for increased economic and environmental prosperity.

The Commission will publish and promote discussion of research and recommendations grounded in Canada’s unique and regionally diverse economic and policy context. It will focus on issues most relevant to Canadian provinces and cities including those affecting fresh water, air quality, environmental disasters, greenhouse gas emissions, transportation and road congestion.



  • 2013-2016
  • $ 675,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Net-Zero Carbon Economy