A Holiday Message from Lili-Anna Pereša

Another unusual year has passed as we continue to adapt to our pandemic reality. The holiday season is approaching with, I hope, moments of comfort and wonder.


The holiday season is approaching with, I hope, moments of comfort and wonder. Witnessing the exceptional work of all our partners, I can feel, and am in awe of, their dedication and commitment, which is heart-warming in these difficult times.  

To strengthen our commitment to community resilience, reconciliation and climate, as we face new challenges, we will continue our efforts to support organizations who are working tirelessly to address entrenched societal issues.

One of my favorite songs is from Quebec songwriter Jean-Pierre Ferland’s : une chance qu’on s’a (or “thank goodness we have each other”). In the hustle and bustle of activities, within the Foundation and amongst our partners – let’s remember « je t’ai; tu m’as » (or “I got your back; you got mine” as the song continues).

My colleagues and I are humbled by and thankful to organizations and partners with whom we learn every day to strengthen our collective capacity to adapt and adjust to climate change, and to effectively address the inequities in our society. Organizations from the nonprofit sector, large and small, contribute in a multitude of ways, including: welcoming newcomers and refugees, propelling youth climate policy engagement, finding innovative paths for reconciliation-centred actions, offering shelter and mental health support for homeless people in Montreal or expanding responsible investing policies for shareholders and companies – in short, striving for a resilient, inclusive and sustainable society.    

We continue to learn from their example. It is by intentionally listening and carefully nurturing our connections to people, communities and the land that we will continue to improve our understanding of the complex challenges of this generation and those to come.

I wish you a restful holiday season – a time to recharge and reconnect with your loved ones – and a wonderful New Year!

Lili-Anna Pereša C. Q., President and CEO