Tides Canada Foundation — Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast


Tides Canada’s mission is to foster a healthy environment and a just Canadian society through its granting, investing and initiatives. Its work extends from neighbourhood-scale social programs to national conservation efforts. Areas of interest include land and marine conservation, social inclusion and civic engagement, international development, health, education, research and capacity building, and arts and culture.

Full Description

Tides Canada’s Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast (MaPP) is a joint initiative of the Province of British Columbia and 18 First Nations, who have developed a regional action framework and four sub-regional marine use plans (North Vancouver Island, the Central Coast, North Coast and Haida Gwaii). The MaPP marine plans are intended to balance sustainable economic development with environmental stewardship; improve the efficiency of approval processes within existing policies and procedures; reduce conflicts among marine users; and provide business with greater clarity and certainty around marine economic activities.

Support from the Foundation will be used to help implement activities for the sub-regional and regional plans and to ensure Indigenous and civil society stakeholders are able to participate.



  • 2015-2020
  • $ 600,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: McConnell Reconciliation Initiative