The Narwhal

Background of the organization

Based in BC, The Narwhal is an online magazine that has rapidly become one of the largest environmental news bureaus in Canada. The Narwhal specializes in long-form stories and “complicating the narrative”. Their solutions journalism inspired methodology is rooted in a conflict resolution approach. When people encounter complexity, they become more curious and less closed off to new information. 


Project description

Solving the climate crisis requires a common and broad understanding of basic and underlying facts.  Today, most major dailies in Canada do not have an environmental reporter and are reduced to publishing wire service stories and opinion columnists. This threatens our collective capacity to understand and address the crisis. 

Reporting on environmental issues often takes the form of oversimplified narratives and focuses on entrenched viewpoints. Research suggests that more nuanced and complex journalistic narratives, which feature and elevate the voices and experiences of those most affected by climate change, can enable richer understanding between relevant actors and help us move towards solutions-oriented actions. 

Funding from the McConnell Foundation will enable The Narwhal to open a bureau in Ontario and expand their coverage to include more central Canadian stories. It is expected that this work will fill a critical environmental journalism coverage gap. It contributes to advancing climate mitigation solutions and increasing diversity of voices.


  • 2021-2023
  • $ 300,000
  • Funding Stream: Climate