Taking IT Global

Background of the organization:

Founded in 1999 by two young Canadians, Jennifer Corriero and Michael Furdyk, Taking IT Global engages youth around the world in shaping a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world. Its education programs leverage technology to enhance the classroom learning experience.

Connected North was launched in partnership with Cisco Systems to provide high quality, two-way video communication technology to isolated communities that previously may not have even had access to the Internet. Students are connected by video with experts (such as scientists and Olympic athletes), virtual tours (such as museums, aquariums and zoos), as well as students in other classrooms (both in southern Canada and around the world).


Grant description:

TIG’s Connected North program uses interactive technology to provide isolated Indigenous communities with access to unique learning experiences, as well as connecting them with other schools so they can share their culture with non-Indigenous students. Evaluations have shown that students in Connected North classrooms learn more, participate more actively, and attend more often than their peers. Observations have also revealed that Connected North students feel a sense of empowerment, connectedness, hope, happiness and joy.  


The Foundation’s grant will support Connected North to expand the program from the initial two schools to five schools in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, as well as further evaluate its impact on student wellbeing.


  • 2017-2020
  • $ 575,431
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: WellAhead