St. Francis Xavier University


Established in 1853 as a diocesan college, St. Francis Xavier received full university powers in 1866. The University, along with the Coady Institute, is widely known for its work in adult education, both in Canada and abroad.

As part of the Foundations initiative in the late nineties to support the repositioning of Canadian universities, St. Francis Xavier undertook a project in service learning that helped to lay the groundwork for the Foundations current University-Based Community Service-Learning initiative.

Full Description

This project received funding under Phase I of the University-Based Community Service-Learning Initiative.

This grant is to support the Community-University Partnerships in Service Learning: Enhancing the Pedagogy of Engagement program.

The program endeavours to develop new models in three areas: practical support to community, community-based evaluation, and support to faculty members. Within these areas, St. Francis Xavier will:

  • Design and test a Student Intern model for supporting community organizations
  • Design and test a model whereby the community assesses the costs and benefits of service learning from their perspective
  • Establish a Faculty Development and Research Support Fund.


  • 2004-2009
  • $ 930,500
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Community Service Learning