Smart Prosperity Institute

Background of the organization:

Smart Prosperity Institute (formerly Sustainable Prosperity) is a national research network and policy think tank based at the University of Ottawa. The Institute delivers world-class research and work with public and private partners – all to advance practical policies and market solutions for a stronger, cleaner economy.

The Natural Step Canada, a leader in the global Natural Step movement, conducts multi-stakeholder sustainability projects. Its Energy Futures Lab brings together energy companies, local governments, environmentalists, Indigenous leaders and communities to support the transition to a sustainable energy system in Alberta.


Grant Description:

A grant from the Foundation will support two projects: 1) exploration of strategies to integrate the work of the Natural Step and the Smart Prosperity Institute and 2) the revitalization of the Smart Prosperity’s Leaders Initiative.


Organizational Integration

Support from the Foundation will be used to integrate the activities of the two organizations by exploring how to move some work of the Smart Prosperity Institute policy role into a non-profit structure with the Natural Step. The research arm of Smart Prosperity Institute will remain within the University of Ottawa.


Smart Prosperity Leaders’ Initiative

Funds from this grant will also be used to support Smart Prosperity Leaders’ Initiative, which brings together senior leaders from the private sector, civil society and Indigenous nations to create sustainable solutions to Canada’s environmental and economic challenges through a focus on solutions, public dissemination and multi-sector partnerships. The Natural Step will use it’s expertise in multi-stakeholder sustainability to help operate and revitalize this network.


  • 2020-2021
  • $ 300,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Funding Stream: Climate
  • Initiatives: Social Innovation Fund