Santropol Roulant


Founded in 1994, Santropol Roulant is a Montreal-based organization founded and run by young people in the community. It brings people together across generations and cultures through an innovative meals-on-wheels service, intergenerational activities and volunteer programs. Santropol Roulant uses food as a vehicle to break social and economic isolation between generations and to strengthen and nourish our local community.

Full Description

This project was part of the group of Applied Dissemination projects supported by the Foundation.

For the Living Lab – Phase I of the applied dissemination project to consolidate and refine its expertise on youth volunteerism and to develop and test ways to share that expertise with other organizations before scaling up.

Reports & Publications

The Southern Wall: Organizational Engagement at Santropol Roulant by W.O. Nilsson, Ph.D. candidate, McGill School of Management (2006)


  • 2004-2007
  • $ 226,840
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: General contributions