Réseau Québécois en Innovation Sociale (RQIS)


The Réseau Québécois en Innovation Sociale (RQIS) is made up of over 20 leaders in social innovation in Quebec, connected to a larger community of over 800 practitioners, researchers and policy analysis that come from educational, cultural, social, and economic fields. The RQIS works to increase the practice of social innovation in Quebec by applying the expertise of its network members to assist community organizations. The RQIS then creates and disseminates training, tool kits, guides, case studies, and other learnings that result from these partnerships.

Full Description

The Foundation’s grant will enable the RQIS to: plan for long term viability by diversifying funding sources; build an interactive web portal to accelerate collaboration and knowledge sharing; act as an ambassador for social innovation, promoting the recognition and practice of experimentation that enables social innovation within public institutions and civil society; and expand its reach and impact by developing relationships with more organizations and networks in different fields and fostering synergies among them using tools such as living labs, workshops, and forums.


Visit http://ptc.uquebec.ca/rqis/ for more information.


  • 2012-2015
  • $ 200,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Social Innovation Fund