Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education


The Pembina Institute began in 1985 as a small environmental group in Drayton Valley, Alberta, fighting to reduce sulphur emissions in gas plants. It quickly grew to become a national organization with expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation, green economics, and oil sands, establishing offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. It has earned a high level of recognition and credibility among opinion leaders, decision-makers and the media, as an essential source of rigorous research and analysis on climate and energy issues in Canada. In addition, other environmental groups rely on Pembina’s expertise in emissions management, clean energy, as well as parliamentary procedure and policy analysis to advocate effectively for solutions.

Full Description

Pembina has engaged in four strategic initiatives to fight climate change through sustainable energy solutions. This grant will fund work that will transform solid research content and well-developed sustainable energy solutions into tangible change through media engagement, government relations, strategic work with key opinion leaders and cross-sectoral collaboration.

These four strategic initiatives involve:

  • A pragmatic collaboration between 14 multinational corporations and eight environmental groups, convened by Pembina and Shell, in key areas including transportation, urban design, energy efficiency and renewable energy. The objective is to identify areas of policy consensus among unlikely allies.
  • Engagement with 15-25 of Canada’s high profile and emerging entrepreneurs in identifying key policy requirements for participating in the new global clean energy economy. Pembina will produce a full report, media releases, online video clips and social media material, and prepare presentations for senior bureaucrats and politicians.
  • Providing timely and strategic analysis and outreach in four jurisdictions (federal, BC, Alberta and Ontario) on sustainable energy issues such as upcoming coal, oil and gas regulations. Pembina will produce tailored briefings and analysis to inform stakeholders (media, politicians, other environmental NGOs) of the implications of policy decisions.
  • Coordinating a series of provincial policy acts involving 12 BC municipalities, BC Hydro, real estate developers and other partners that enable local governments to enforce energy efficiency and renewable energy building requirements for new and existing buildings. Activities include developing a pilot energy labeling project for existing buildings and engagements with media, government and the public about environmental benefits of a new renewable energy building requirement.



  • 2011-2013
  • $ 400,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Net-Zero Carbon Economy