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The NAC is the only multidisciplinary, bilingual performing arts centre in North America – and one of the largest in the world. Created in 1966 by an act of Parliament to be Canada’s pre-eminent showcase for the performing arts, the NAC is a leader in the presentation of classical music, dance, English and French theatre, and community programming. Over the past 14 years, the NAC’s Music Education program has engaged young audiences of all socio-economic backgrounds. Its Music Alive program focuses on Indigenous teaching artists and orchestra musicians in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Its annual Summer Music Institute has trained 850 young musicians, conductors and composers from every province in Canada and 37 other countries. Through local, national and international programs, NAC engages young audiences, artists, teachers, adult learners, and community organizations, reaching close to one million individuals in person and on-line each year.

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The National Arts Centre Foundation is taking the critical next steps in building a Sistema movement in Canada. This involves learning from existing sites, as well as developing a comprehensive plan that outlines objectives and a structure of a national-level partnership.The NAC Foundation will complete two preparatory activities with support from the Foundation. The first is to visit each of the nine sites currently operating, and to learn from existing work that is taking place across the country. Based on this, a comprehensive plan may be developed, outlining the objectives and structure of a national-level partnership, including such services as professional development webinars, student exchanges, resource development and sharing, and informing the strategy for expanding the network.

National Arts Centre Foundation

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  • 2012-2013
  • $ 95,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Arts & Social Inclusion