About the organization

Founded in 2000, MicroEntreprendre is a nonprofit organization that develops and promotes entrepreneurial microcredit throughout Quebec in order to promote individual and collective wellbeing by reducing poverty. The network currently has 15 member organizations in 12 regions that provide training and technical support in addition to making loans.


Grant Description:

MicroEntreprendre’s RENFORT project will increase the reach and deepen the impact of microcredit in Quebec. Support from the McConnell Foundation will be used to increase staff capacity to carry out the following:

  • Develop community microcredit resources in four new regions plus an Indigenous community.
  • Increase total capitalization with a portion in a new central loan fund to supplement local funding mechanisms.
  • Develop a crowdfunding platform for the MicroEntreprendre network.  
  • Position microcredit as an effective approach for economic and social inclusion with a renewed communications and branding strategy.


  • 2019-2021
  • $ 450,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Funding Stream: Reconciliation
  • Initiatives: General contributions