Low Carbon Funders Group

Background of the organization

The Low Carbon Funders Group (LCFG), a collaborative of Environment Funders Canada, is dedicated to spurring strategic collaboration to advance a net zero carbon economy for Canada. The group is chaired by Annie Bérubé, Program Director at the McConnell Foundation. This collaborative funding supports the implementation of federal climate policies.


Project description

Funding will support ten environmental organizations in their policy research, modelling of GHGs emission reduction, government relations and public communications, to advance the following federal climate policies: 

  • Clean affordable electricity
  • Putting a cap on oil and gas emissions & regulating methane emissions
  • Improved federal carbon pricing for big polluters
  • Climate governance
  • Just transition legislation
  • Phasing out federal subsidies to fossil fuel production.


  • 2021-2024
  • $1,800,000
  • Grant Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Climate

Related Funding

Low Carbon Future Funders Group

This grant is a renewal of funding to the Low Carbon Future Funders Group for one year to maintain the capacity of national environmental organizations to advance ambitious new federal climate policies.

$ 500,000

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