Les Amis des Jardins de Métis


Les Jardins de Métis is a historical garden and one of the most popular tourist attractions east of Quebec City. The goal of Les Amis des Jardins des Métis is to restore the gardens and buildings on site; develop the site for important cultural events, educational activities, workshops and a core environmental reserve; provide protection for the horticultural, ornithological and archeological sites; and, ensure the preservation of the habitat of the Atlantic River Salmon in the Métis River.

Full Description

A grant to Les Jardins de Métis will be used to create the foundation for the successful launch of a youth internship and professional program. This will include putting in place a sustainable business model, an appropriate program design, qualified staff, and tools for measuring and reporting on impact.

Staff will be hired to manage operations, freeing up existing team members to undertake the design of the youth internship program and test the model with youth from a local community organization. They will also develop new government, university, and private sector partnerships focused on youth programming and community economic development.


  • 2013-2015
  • $ 300,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Social Innovation Fund