La Pépinière et Collaborateurs


Pioneering the placemaking movement in Montreal, Pépinière et Collaborateurs (Pépinière) engages local communities, citizens and social organizations to co-create and animate dynamic public spaces. Founded in 2014, this not-for-profit organization mobilizes hundreds of volunteers to transform public spaces into hubs of social and economic activity.

Full Description

Support from the Social Innovation Fund of the Foundation will enable Pépinière to strengthen its business development capacity, participate in the national placemaking network, and manage its activities so that they are financially sustainable. The goal of this support is to allow Pépinière’s to expand its operations in Montreal, while maintaining financial health. We hope that it will become recognized as a leader in the Canadian placemaking movement. 


  • 2016-2018
  • $ 165,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Social Innovation Fund