Judith Marcuse Projects/International Centre of Art for Social Change


The International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC) is the first centre in North America that integrates community engagement in art and social change, academic research and training, as well as professional development and global networking.

ICASC was conceived by Judith Marcuse Projects to support art for social change communities around the world. Recognizing that art is a powerful force for positively transforming lives, catalyzing social change and contributing to the development of civil society, Judith Marcuse Projects is a not-for-profit arts company that aims to create excellent art, to nurture the voices of youth and adults on issues of relevance to our society, and to create dialogue that leads to progressive action.

Full Description

A grant from the Foundation will help support a unique collaborative of 26 academic and community leaders to coordinate multiple projects on art for social change and to disseminate their results across the country.

Over the next five years, this program will build the field of arts and social inclusion by showcasing promising practices in academic and community settings; developing evaluation tools to inform decision-making; and creating new partnerships for educational institutions, community-based artists, arts organizations and other community organizations. Results will be made freely available on-line for practitioners, community organizations, and researchers to use in advancing the field.


  • 2013-2018
  • $ 125,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Arts & Social Inclusion