Food Secure Canada


Founded in 2006, Food Secure Canada (FSC) is a national food security organization with a diverse and expanding membership made up of 58 organizations including food businesses, community organizations, indigenous organizations, unions, community food centers, food banks, and international development organizations, as well as hundreds of individuals including farmers, fishers, academics, dietitians, teachers and public health officials.

FSC’s purpose is to improve food security by engaging and supporting Canadians in creating a more sustainable and just food system. It has three broad goals: eliminating hunger, creating a sustainable food system, and ensuring healthy and safe food for all.


Grant description:

In order to effectively build on the momentum of local initiatives to create a broader movement for change, there is a need for national coordination, and for skill building in the areas of communications, evaluation, and policy development.

A grant from the Foundation supports Food Secure Canada’s national leadership role in the food movement and its capacity to serve as a network for learning and collaborative action.

This project will connect successful local food initiatives and amplify their impact on the way food is produced, processed, distributed, and sold across the country. It will organize on-line and in-person meetings and workshops and facilitate coordinated work on issues including children and food, northern food, and sustainable local and regional food systems.



  • 2012-2015
  • $ 325,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Social Innovation Fund