About the organization

Entremise is a non-profit organisation working to facilitate the temporary and transitional use of vacant buildings. This kind of use optimises vacant spaces and mitigates the risks for the owners and the surrounding communities, while also providing access to low-rent spaces.


Grant Description

In 2018, Entremise partnered with the Foundation’s Cities for People initiative, the Maison de l’Innovation Sociale, and the City of Montreal to create the Projet Young – a pilot project transforming a vacant building on Young Street into a site for incubating social innovations. Building on this first experiment, Entremise will be supported by the Foundation’s grant to grow its capacity and to partner with the City of Montreal to transform 10 selected vacant sites into hubs to promote social entrepreneurship initiatives. It will also reinforce in-house skills development on social purpose real estate to help Entremise scale up to meet growing demand and help them introduce innovations that complement their core business. Entremise will also aim to work with municipal governments to encourage a more equitable property tax system. Finally, it will launch the first pan-Canadian network on transitional urbanism.


  • 2019-2020
  • $ 165,932
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: Cities for People