Disability Without Poverty

Background of the organization

Founded in 2019, Disability Without Poverty (DWP) is a movement led by people with disabilities and comprised of over 100 organizations. DWP was created in the spirit of “Nothing About us Without Us” to change the way the disabled community makes change.

With the help of Disability Without Poverty, in 2021 the Canada Disability Benefit shifted from a promise to a commitment. Bill C-35 to establish a Canada Disability Benefit was introduced in Parliament in June 2021 but has not yet received Royal Assent. 


Project description

Over 1.5 million disabled Canadians are poor, representing 40% of all Canadians living in poverty. In response, the Federal government is creating the “Canada Disability Benefit” (CDB) – a type of basic income support – to lift disabled Canadians out of poverty. This is a generational opportunity to alleviate the impact of poverty for hundreds of thousands of Canadians. DWP will use McConnell funding for staffing and programming that supports stakeholder engagement and movement building toward implementation of the Canada Disability Benefit. 


  • 2022-2024
  • $ 500,000
  • Funding Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Communities

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