Can’t Buy My Silence

Background of the organization 

Can’t Buy My Silence (CBMS) International Canada is the Canadian arm of an international campaign to end the misuse and abuse of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Co-founded by Zelda Perkins, the first woman to break her NDA signed with Harvey Weinstein, and Dr. Julie Macfarlane, a Canadian law professor and Member of the Order of Canada, CBMS aims to stop the expanding misuse of NDAs by demanding new legislation and regulation that stops “gag orders” from being used to settle cases of sexual misconduct, racism, pregnancy discrimination and other human rights violations. CBMS works alongside partners and allies including individual politicians, established organizations working on sexual violence, workplace harassment, and discrimination including legal clinics, sexual violence support services, women’s services, immigration services and other advocacy groups 


Project description 

Funding will contribute to CBMS’s campaign to ban the misuse of sexual violence related NDAs in Canada. The campaign aims to address the issue holistically by pushing for legislative changes, advocating for the Can’t Buy Silence Act, engaging with universities and businesses, fostering public awareness, and supporting victims through education and online communities. 



  • 2023-2025
  • $ 200,000
  • Funding Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Communities

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