Strengthening dialogue and engagement in times of crisis

The McConnell Foundation envisions a future in which our economy and social systems promote the thriving of all people, and in which the natural environment is stewarded for generations to come. We see all sectors working together to address climate change, to help foster reconciliation, and unleash individual creativity and organizational resources to solve social challenges and to strengthen communities. This includes respect for human rights and international law.  

War anywhere affects communities beyond borders, and current events are especially troubling as there has been a marked increase in Antisemitic and Islamophobic violence and harassment in Canada. McConnell supports openness, tolerance and dialogue, and the exchange of ideas across differences. Tolerance does not include the tolerance of violence, racism, or discrimination of any kind. 

As an organization that partners with charities and non-profits that play a vital role in civil society, which includes engagement in evidence-based policy making, we are deeply concerned about the rise of disinformation and increasing polarization, and the impact these trends can have on democratic engagement.  

In times of crisis and conflict, we must look at the role philanthropy can play to make a positive contribution and foster peace and understanding. Our approach to philanthropy is guided by our values, mission and vision. Times of crisis call on us to reflect on ethical questions facing the sector, and our own work.  

We are committed to working within the philanthropic sector and standing with our partners to foster dialogue and respectful engagement in difficult times.