Staff favourites: podcasts and books of 2020

A quiet evening with a good book, or heading out for a walk while listening to a new podcast these moments have lifted our spirits or offered some respite throughout the past year.

With 2021 on the horizon, we’ve asked McConnell staff to share the cultural inspirations that have helped them process unprecedented challenges or envision pathways towards a more sustainable future. 

What media has inspired or challenged you lately? 

All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis is a series of essays written by female climate activists harnessing the truth, courage, and solutions to lead humanity forward. 
Recommended by Annie Bérubé, Program Director

Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live is a book that offers a critical and scientific perspective on the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic and how it will change the way we live.
Recommended by Stephen Huddart, Past President

How to Citizen with Baratunde is a podcast that reimagines the word “citizen” as a verb and reminds us how to wield our collective power.
Recommended by Kelly Hodgins, Program Officer

In Dark Times, I Sought Out the Turmoil of Caravaggio’s Paintings is an article by Teju Cole about the artist’s work and his reflections on beauty and suffering.
Recommended by Laurence Miall, Director of Communications

J’aime Hydro is a podcast that explores energy politics and the place of hydro in Quebec society. It was adapted from the documentary play by the same name.
Recommended by Marie-Caroline Juneau, Senior Program Officer

Les villes de papier by Dominique Fortier imagines the inner life of poet Emily Dickinson in a minor key, through her work, her garden, and her ghosts.
Recommended by Lili-Anna Pereša, President and CEO

Le Réverbère is a podcast by l’Institut du Nouveau Monde that interviews specialists who offer new insights into critical issues in Quebec like science, culture, democracy and climate change.
Recommended by Adam Sommerfeld, Senior Designer

Pig Earth by John Berger is a literary classic about disappearing French peasantry and their relationship to the land.
Recommended by Beth Hunter, Program Director

Seth Klein’s A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency is a book about how we can align our politics and economy with what science says we must do to address the climate crisis.
Recommended by Laura Dunn, Content Strategist

Seven Truths by Tanya Talaga is a podcast about the Seven Grandfather Teachings told through the Indigenous stories and events that shape us and this land.
Recommended by Jayne Engle, Program Director

The Corporate Social Mind is a book that explores the role corporations can play in social change by Foundation friends Derrick Feldmann and Michael Alberg-Seberich.
Recommended by Laura Schnurr, Advisor, President’s Office

The Trampoline Effect is a book by foundation friends Gord Tulloch and Sarah Schullman is about redesigning Canada’s social safety nets.  
Recommended by Keren Tang, Participatory City Development Manager

TWIV – This Week in Virology is a podcast about the latest news in the field of virology. 
Recommended by Alexandra Schuller, Cities for People Administrative Assistant