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Communities Focus Area Webinar (Video & Slides)

  In this webinar, our program staff explained our new approach to the Communities focus area, including how we got here, as well as our updated priorities and funding strategies. The webinar also shared resources for applicants and answered participant questions. Watch the video above, or download the presentation slides, including the summary of the […]

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Ten Actions to Accelerate University Social Impact (Re-Code)

Canadian university presidents collaborated for five years from 2017 – 2022 to accelerate their universities as a greater force for good. Supported by the McConnell Foundation, a group of 30 presidents (the Canadian University Presidents Social Impact Collaboration) created several tools, resources, and connections to scale their social impact and put Canada on a more […]

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Equity, diversity and inclusion in climate action in Canada: the role of philanthropy

Intersectionality and social justice movements are transforming the way climate change is addressed. For philanthropy to be part of this transformation, funders need to be involved in identifying the systemic barriers that individuals and communities face. In this way, they can work together to help overcome the obstacles to address the climate crisis.   In their […]

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Impact Investing Report 2021

Our third annual Impact Investing Report provides an update on our 2021 allocation of our impact investing portfolio and shares some portfolio level data. It highlights the diversity of approaches with which impact investing managers are using capital to make extraordinary contributions to social and environmental transformation. There is a growing movement of investors seeking to […]

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Year in Review 2021

As the McConnell Foundation celebrates its 85th year, we are grateful for the vision and generosity of J.W. McConnell, whose original gift has allowed us to continue to work in partnership with many organizations to advance a resilient, inclusive and sustainable society that can successfully address its complex challenges. With this privilege comes many responsibilities, […]

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Application Orientation Webinar Video and Slides (2022)

On Thursday January 20, 2022 we hosted a webinar about our two stage application process. The webinar provides an overview of our focus areas as well as the new process for applying for McConnell Foundation funding. On this page you will find a recording of the webinar and the webinar slides, including a summary of […]

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McConnell Foundation Sample Application and Instructions

The McConnell Foundation funds activities focused on at least one of our three focus areas: Climate, Reconciliation and Communities. If your work aligns with our focus areas, it also needs to have the potential to be nationally relevant and to change systems, i.e. to address the root causes of complex problems. This document provides instructions […]

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Build Back Better: The Role of Post-Secondary Institutions in Supporting Community Resilience (Re-Code)

COVID-19 has demonstrated our collective need for increased social, economic and environmental resilience. This pandemic has often been framed as a ‘rehearsal’ – only one of many future crises. In this context, we have a collective imperative to rebuild our communities in ways that help us better weather future challenges. Supporting recovery and rebuilding requires […]

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