Social Purpose in Administration & Finance: An Inventory of Sample Practices (Re-Code)

Re-Code has created an inventory of social purpose administration and finance practices within Canadian post-secondary institutions as of 2018.

It was created to demonstrate the ways in which higher education is integrating social impact/innovation within administration. It is designed as a resource for administrators seeking to better understand this concept and pick up new ideas for their own institutions.

This database of sample practices is an initiative of the collaboration between CAUBO (Canadian Association of University Business Officers) and McConnell. More details are available at this link.

Most of the sample practices in this inventory were submitted by institutions in response to a call for examples issued by CAUBO and Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) to their memberships. Some practices were sourced from the project policy paper. They illustrate specific social purpose finance and administration instruments.

Disclaimer: By showcasing these practices, the McConnell Foundation and CAUBO are not expressing opinions about the practices, departments or institutions.