Re-Code Field Notes

Re-Code launched in 2014 with a call to transform higher education, inviting universities and colleges to redesign their institutions from the inside out. To disrupt business as usual. To create partnerships across institutional and sectoral boundaries. In short, to “recode” the post-secondary system in order to build a more just, sustainable and beautiful world for coming generations.

Schools responded with bold visions for infusing social innovation into their campus culture. Over the last three years we’ve been fortunate to see these visions take root. We’ve seen new partnerships develop, new curriculum and courses created, new incubators and hubs launch, and campus initiatives that engage with community stakeholders.

These lessons from the field represent points of learning, but they are only windows into a much larger story— one which we are proud to be part of.

At Re-Code, we’re learning “the best way to optimize a system is to improve the relationship among its parts, not to optimize each part separately”. These lessons are part of this work and there will be more to come—stay tuned.


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