Advancing school wellbeing as a priority (WellAhead)

In its first year in BC for its project in advancing school wellbeing, WellAhead worked with six pilot school districts to see if a set of core values, a participatory change process and a focus on everyday practices could deepen schools’ commitment to wellbeing. After reflecting on their learnings, WellAhead has made some significant shifts in its strategy towards the integration of wellbeing in Canadian schools. One key lesson? WellAhead may be able to achieve more impact by working at a network level, instead of directly with school districts. However, WellAhead is constantly asking itself what can be done better for school wellbeing.

Here are the big remaining questions.
• Is a social innovation lab process an effective and feasible approach at the school district level?
• How can we apply design thinking to inform our work at the provincial and national level. Who do we involve and how?
• Given the complexity of the system encompassed by wellbeing in schools, what is a realistic level or scale of intervention? How do we balance breadth vs. depth of learning and impact?
• What are tools we could use to better track our efforts at multiple levels and map them against the actions of others to better visualize system gap?

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