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Funding and Partnerships Guide

The guide provides information on what types of funding partnerships we engage in and how we assess proposals.

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Application Orientation Webinar Video and Slides (2022)

The application orientation webinar provides an overview of our focus areas as well as the new process for applying for McConnell Foundation funding.

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COVID-19 Decision-Making: A Social Impact Tool for Social Purpose-driven Organizations

With the emergence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, social purpose-driven organizations are stepping up to the challenge of pivoting their business models to play their role. Now, more than ever, leaders are called upon to make immediate and profound decisions with far-reaching consequences – and with the potential to accelerate and scale their social impact […]

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Catalyst: posAbilities

“Retrofitting” social services for greater inclusion What’s at stake? Research shows that people who belong to social networks experience higher levels of confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Social networks provide practical and emotional support for people and allow them to experience a sense of opportunity and reciprocity in their communities. Social participation is key to […]

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What is Social Innovation?

How do we make the social innovation field more than the sum of its parts? What are our systems change goals for the next 10 years? Accept Vimeo 🍪 to watch this video

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