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Clockwise from top left:  Three Indigenous children wearing heavy winter gear, outdoors in the snow petting a husky. A Black woman wearing a baseball cap demonstrating outside Parliament Hill. Four wind turbines in a field at sunset. T

Our 2022 Year in Review

At McConnell, 2022 brought refreshing opportunities to meet and collaborate in person as we moved deeper into our work in Communities, Reconciliation and Climate. This was also a year marked by many challenges for the sector, with rising inflation, increased demand for services and a need for large-scale mobilization of capital. This is a moment […]

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A group of young people of different ages, genders and races at a community event.

Ten Actions to Accelerate University Social Impact (Re-Code)

Canadian university presidents collaborated for five years from 2017 – 2022 to accelerate their universities as a greater force for good. Supported by the McConnell Foundation, a group of 30 presidents (the Canadian University Presidents Social Impact Collaboration) created several tools, resources, and connections to scale their social impact and put Canada on a more […]

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Indigenous Beading - hands threading white, red, yellow and silver beads.

Impact Investing Report 2021

Our third annual Impact Investing Report provides an update on our 2021 allocation of our impact investing portfolio and shares some portfolio level data. It highlights the diversity of approaches with which impact investing managers are using capital to make extraordinary contributions to social and environmental transformation. There is a growing movement of investors seeking to […]

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Impact Investing Report 2020

The second edition of our Impact Investing Report provides an overview of our impact investing approach, as well as an update on our efforts to align our investment strategy with our organization’s mission and vision. Our systems approach to impact investing keeps growing, as we continue to ask: how can investments respond to complex societal […]

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WellAhead: A 5-year journey supporting innovation in K-12 school wellbeing (WellAhead)

As of January 2021, McConnell Foundation’s WellAhead initiative has sunsetted. To tell the story of the initiative, we recently developed this report, which recounts unexpected lessons, impacts and progress on our journey, and where to look next for developments in the field. In 2015, the McConnell Foundation committed to 5 years of funding for the […]

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Future Economy Lab Montreal Report

Building an inclusive and resilient climate economy in Quebec At the Future Economy Lab (FEL) we are bringing together a select group of organizations to pioneer a new way of nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems that create inclusive and resilient economies. The first iteration of FEL launched in partnership between Maison d’innovation sociale, McConnell Family Foundation, SecondMuse […]

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Silhouette of a man painting plus symbols onto a no-entry sign.

12 Lessons 2016-2020

This compilation of 12 Lessons series includes all the lessons learned from 2016-2020. The 2020 edition of 12 Lessons is different from our past series. It focuses on the future rather than reflecting on what we have learned over the past year. This is why we have called it 12 Lessons To Learn. Just as […]

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Beyond the Binder (WellAhead)

Towards More Systemic and Sustainable Approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing in K-12 Education In Canada, K-12 education systems have a key role in developing strategies to support the mental health and wellbeing of students and staff. While stand alone programs have provided useful content for educators in addressing mental health and wellbeing, it is […]

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Digital Threats to Democracy

From August 16-19 2019, McConnell, Luminate and the Public Policy Forum convened a group of experts and stakeholders from the field of civic digital literacy and mis/disinformation prevention to discuss “digital threats to our democracy”. Together, we explored ways to deepen digitally enabled civic engagement and strengthen our collective capacity to respond to these digital […]

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Nourish Developmental Evaluation: Early Insights (Sustainable Food Systems)

The developmental evaluation explores four inter-related aspects of the Nourish initiative: 1) Innovator Program; 2) Projects; 3) Network & Narrative and 4) Policy. The intent of this evaluation is to help the program staff, lead partners and project advisors examine how the initiative has started to take shape, adjust strategies, and assess early signs of […]

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