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Reconciliation Focus Area Webinar 2023

The Reconciliation focus area webinar shared the latest updated strategies. Also, find the webinar PowerPoint slides and Q&A summary.

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At the border of a lake surrounded by mountains, a large group of individuals stand in a circle around a fire pit. An Indigenous man with a long braid and a woman address them. This meeting happened at the Summer Institute, at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre, Yukon in 2019.

McConnell at a Glance

McConnell at a Glance gives a brief overview of the Foundation's work and provides an overall picture of what we do.

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Purple grid image showing quarter circles of red, orange, purple, yellow on lilac background.

Partner Perception Survey 2023

The McConnell Foundation greatly values our relationships with our partners. We aim to work in a spirit of mutual accountability. In 2023, the Center for Effecitve Philanthropy conducted a second perception survey - four years after the first one - with current partners.

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Clockwise from top left:  Three Indigenous children wearing heavy winter gear, outdoors in the snow petting a husky. A Black woman wearing a baseball cap demonstrating outside Parliament Hill. Four wind turbines in a field at sunset. T

Our 2022 Year in Review

Our Year in Review 2022 spotlights our partners in Communities, Reconciliation and Climate, and provides an update on our 100% impact investing strategy, aligned with our mission. We hope this review offers insight into our philanthropic practices and, more importantly, shines a light on the remarkable work of our partners.

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A group of young people of different ages, genders and races at a community event.

Ten Actions to Accelerate University Social Impact (Re-Code)

Canadian university presidents collaborated for five years from 2017 – 2022 to accelerate their universities as a greater force for good. Supported by the McConnell Foundation, a group of 30 presidents (the Canadian University Presidents Social Impact Collaboration) created several tools, resources, and connections to scale their social impact and put Canada on a more […]

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Indigenous Beading - hands threading white, red, yellow and silver beads.

Impact Investing Report 2021

Our third annual Impact Investing Report provides an update on the 2021 allocation of our impact investing portfolio.

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Impact Investing Report 2020

The second edition of our Impact Investing Report provides an overview of our impact investing approach, as well as an update on our efforts to align our investment strategy with our organization’s mission and vision.

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WellAhead: A 5-year journey supporting innovation in K-12 school wellbeing (WellAhead)

As of January 2021, McConnell Foundation’s WellAhead initiative has sunsetted. To tell the story of the initiative, we recently developed this report, which recounts unexpected lessons, impacts and progress on our journey, and where to look next for developments in the field. In 2015, the McConnell Foundation committed to 5 years of funding for the […]

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Future Economy Lab Montreal Report

Building an inclusive and resilient climate economy in Quebec At the Future Economy Lab (FEL) we are bringing together a select group of organizations to pioneer a new way of nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems that create inclusive and resilient economies. The first iteration of FEL launched in partnership between Maison d’innovation sociale, McConnell Family Foundation, SecondMuse […]

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Silhouette of a man painting plus symbols onto a no-entry sign.

12 Lessons 2016-2020

This compilation of 12 Lessons series includes all the lessons learned from 2016-2020.

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