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Canada spends over $300 billion annually on social outcomes, according to the OECD. Our fast-evolving societal challenges -- ranging from mental health, Indigenous communitiescategory access to quality education, and a lack of affordable housing -- demand equally fast-paced and nimble research, learning, experimental and replicating approaches so people can access the best possible services, supports and solutions, no matter where they live in Canada. This is where R&D comes in.

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Outlines seven actions that Canada needs to undertake, in parallel, to mobilize new sources of capital, create an enabling tax and regulator environment, and build a pipeline of investment-ready social enterprises.

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Comme suite au rapport La mobilisation de capitaux privés pour le bien collectif, publié en décembre 2010 par le Groupe d'étude, ce rapport d'étape souligne certains des développements découlant des recommandations du Groupe d'étude depuis la publication du rapport initial.

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