A Developmental Evaluation Companion – now available!

A Developmental Evaluation Companion

As part of our commitment to building inclusive, innovative, resilient, sustainable communities, the Foundation supported the research and creation of the Developmental Evaluation Companion. The new book is a sequel to the Development Evaluation Primer, published in 2008.

Developmental evaluation is an essential approach to community and program development, and all forms of social innovation, as it is conducive to exploration through its flexibility and adaptability. 

A Developmental Evaluation Companion seeks to provide an understanding of the usefulness of developmental evaluation for innovative or transformative projects, drawn from concrete experiences and a decade of practice.

  • Foreword by Michael Quinn Patton
  • Section One: Introducing Developmental Evaluation
  • Section Two: Grappling with Developmental Evaluation
  • Section Three: Designing a Developmental Evaluation

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