McConnell Foundation’s Focus Areas for 2021 and Beyond

The McConnell Foundation has worked to develop and refine a strategic direction that will guide our actions and allocation of resources over the coming decade.


We are grateful to the numerous people inside and outside the Foundation and the philanthropic sector who shared their insights during this endeavour. We have carefully kept close to our mission, while continuing to evolve in response to society’s changing needs. Today we are able to share an overview of the strategy.


The McConnell Foundation will dedicate itself to work in the following three focus areas:


Scope: Contribute to Canada’s transition to a net-zero carbon economy in a way that produces sustainable and equitable outcomes for all. For more detailed information visit this webpage



Scope: Advance a reconciliation economy where wealth and resources are equitably shared and sustainably stewarded for this generation and those yet to come, in relationship with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. For more detailed information visit this webpage.



Scope: Strengthen collective resilience among those affected by continuous stress and the repercussions of the pandemic while building inclusive communities that are more future ready. More detailed information forthcoming in the coming months.


Additionally, we believe in supporting various approaches and tools, including social innovation, that show promise in making positive change in each of the three focus areas. Furthermore, the Foundation will also continue to pay particular attention to its home city, Montreal.

During an era of transition, rapid change and in the face of huge societal shocks like the pandemic, strategies, plans and directions can only take us so far. While our endowment puts us in a highly privileged position, we also know that our resources are limited compared to the scale of the issues that people and our planet are confronting. This makes it vital for us to concentrate our funding and efforts, and we humbly hope that they shall contribute to vibrant ecosystems of change already in place or emerging.

We also recognize that in addition to having limited resources, we also have limited perspectives and insights. This is why we will need to continue to learn from those most affected by complex problems, to always work collaboratively and respectfully with them and civil society organizations, and to be prepared to adapt our tactics when necessary.

In the coming months, our three focus areas will become fully integrated into our website in greater detail. We have already updated our Apply for Funding page so that those seeking to partner with us can have greater clarity on what areas of activity we are interested in supporting and promoting.

If you have any questions about our new strategic direction, we would love to hear from you. Write to us at