Innoweave platform adaptations: Responding to the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis is rapidly and deeply impacting the ability of community sector organizations to deliver urgently needed support across the country. Innoweave is supporting community organizations through this time of crisis with new coaching opportunities, mentorship, and resources.


New Coaching Stream: Leading Through Crisis

How do we respond to extraordinary circumstances?

Innoweave is rapidly deploying a network to provide support to organizational leaders during the COVID-19 crisis. This “coffee with a colleague” format will offer online mentoring to connect leaders with executives who have experience in disasters and other relevant fields.

The stream offers webinars on topics that are important to you now, and in the days ahead, as well as curated resources and links to organizations that are providing support.

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Micro-Coaching on All Innoweave Streams

Innoweave coaching engagements normally last months, but over the next three months we want to pilot micro-coaching across our existing streams. Micro-coaching sessions would enable experts from the Innoweave network to provide strategic advice without requiring extensive applications or long engagements.

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