Impact Investing Report 2021 

The 3rd edition of the Impact Investing Report is now available! 

Our third annual Impact Investing Report provides an update on our 2021 allocation of our impact investing portfolio and shares some portfolio level data. It highlights the diversity of approaches with which impact investing managers are using capital to make extraordinary contributions to social and environmental transformation. 

The world continues to face unprecedented uncertainties. We are grappling with existential climate crisis, economic and political instability, and the need to rebuild as we cautiously resurface on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cover Page - Impact Investing Report 2021 - we see hand beading work; Indigenous art.

Aligning our investments and charitable contributions for maximum social good

We face an unparalleled global opportunity. There is a growing movement of investors seeking to create impact with their capital and a widespread recognition that capital markets must evolve to include stronger standards of sustainability and demonstrate greater concern for societal impact alongside financial return. At McConnell, we are committed to consciously steering our entire endowment towards advancing our mission of a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable society that can successfully address its complex challenges. 

We hope you will find the report informative, and we look forward to engaging with the sector to share our learnings as we continue this work.

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