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Shift: Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health

Funding will contribute to strengthening capacity and expertise to engage with pension fund regulators and provincial financial regulators. 

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Ecojustice logo with a leaf on the


Funding will contribute to Ecojustice’s legal work of climate finance, which started in 2021. 

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Logo of Investors for Paris Compliance; the

Investors for Paris Compliance

Funding will contribute to I4PC’s goal in holding publicly traded companies accountable for following through their net-zero commitments. 

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Logo Habitat for Humanity Manitoba; 3 people with hands in the air under a roof are illustrated.

Habitat for Humanity – Manitoba

Funding will contribute to sharing data and best practices for building net-zero homes and strengthen policy work in Manitoba. 

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A white tree in a red circle on black background, with the words Environmental Defence.

Environmental Defence Canada

Funding will contribute to Environmental Defence Canada's work on securing regulations governing climate risk disclosure from federally regulated financial institutions. 

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Nature Canada

Opportunity Funding, which is discretionary and cannot be applied for, will contribute to Nature Canada's work to build a toolkit and resources on Cultivating Equity and Diversity in the Environmental Sector.

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Organic Task Force

Opportunity Funding, which is discretionary and cannot be applied for, will contribute to the Organic Task Force: An Organic Task Force to Expand the Canadian Organic Sector. 

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Climate Action Network logo: globe with green and blue stripes

Climate Action Network Canada

Funding will contribute to strengthening this network to coordinate movement building, train members to advance anti-racist and decolonization practices, and host an annual climate justice summit.

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Climate Caucus

Funding will help local officials in small communities to connect, share climate policies and increase collective advocacy at provincial and federal levels for ambitious climate action.

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Indigenous Clean Energy logo.

Indigenous Clean Energy

Funding will contribute to the Bringing It Home Project Accelerator, a major Indigenous-led energy efficiency program.

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