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MiningWatch Canada

Funding will contribute to implement the Find an Independent Mining Expert (FAIME) database in Canada.

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Corporate Knights

Funding will contribute to data collection and analysis to provide sector-specific information on climate investments.

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Sustainability Network

Funding will contribute to the Vision 2030 collaborative project to address sector priorities for environmental non-profit organizations.

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Climate and Affordability Task Force

Funding will contribute to develop federal policy recommendations to support low-income Canadians to reduce their carbon emissions and be more resilient to climate.

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Institute for Research on Public Policy

Funding will identify sectors where labour disruptions are expected as a result of the transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

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Funding will provide tools and data to youth in business, engineering and law schools to help guide their career choices toward sustainable employers. The project will equip young employees to engage with their employer to become more sustainable. 

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Energy Mix Productions

Funding will support local organizations working on income insecurity to engage individuals in climate solutions and grow a structured network for vulnerable populations.

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Clean Economy Fund

Program Development funding, which is discretionary and cannot be applied for, will contribute to Clean Economy Fund’s Indigenous Electrification Strategy.

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Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB)

Funding will grow three pillars of climate activities in New Brunswick: citizens engagement, campaigns and policy, and research, including cleaning up the electricity grid in the Atlantic provinces.

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Funding will strengthen CDP's impact on the Canadian economy by growing its capacity to drive increased corporate climate disclosure, accountability for financed emissions, and regulatory ambition.

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