Grant Announcements – Frontline Healthcare Staff Support Fund

The McConnell Foundation has partnered with HealthCareCAN on the COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Staff Support Fund. 

Over the next three months, support from the fund will enable projects that will help meet frontline staff needs for childcare, counselling and healthy food, along with meeting patient needs for communications support to connect with their families.

Nazareth Community Inc. ($16,324)

Project funding will provide psychological support for intervention workers, case workers and support staff in dealing with COVID-19 impacts; and for clients to connect with their health care teams and families.

William Osler Health System Foundation ($49,650)

With a no visitation policy in place project, funding will support a Virtual Visitation Program for patients to communicate with their family/friends, for patient and family education support during discharge and for end of life and after death visitation.  

Bruyère Foundation Inc. ($45,500)

Project funding will support technology that will enable patients who are in hospital and Long-Term-Care residences (Elisabeth Bruyere Residence and Residence St. Louis) and who are often isolated and alone in their rooms to connect with their families while there is the blanket “no visitors” policy in the hospital and in Long-Term-Care in Ontario.

Nova Scotia Health Authority – Primary Healthcare ($50K)

Due to COVID-19, many of the appointments and group sessions offered by Primary Health Care Teams are now being offered by phone and video conference (virtual care). Project funding will enable patients identified by Collaborative Family Practice Teams to access care services with short-term loan tablets who currently face barriers to connecting with their care providers through online platforms.

CancerCare Manitoba ($25K)

With a scarcity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) its use has been restricted to only critical situations, project funding will enable PPE for staff and outpatients use during the pandemic.  

Baycrest Centre Foundation ($20,800)

Project funding will enable more of the over 1,500 frontline workers to access virtual mindfulness sessions to support their mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Alexander First Nations Health Services ($21,363)

A grant from the Foundation will enable spiritual healing through traditional and cultural support and resources to frontline staff, their families and community families, and residents at supportive living facilities.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. ($21,363)

Project funding will promote mental health and wellness of frontline staff through multilingual webinars on self-care and mental wellness, along with virtual counselling services.

Somerset West Community Health Centre ($49,890)
Funds from the Foundation will support the promotion of physical and mental well-being of frontline healthcare workers across the five sites of the community health centre during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing: tailored on-site mental health supports; additional cleaning staff; and wellness kits.

Ottawa Foyers Partage ($28,240)

Funding will support the design, development, and implementation of a pilot program to enable remote audio/visual communications with healthcare providers, family and friends for a group of Ottawa Foyer Partage clients with significant underlying medical challenges.