Toujours Ensemble


Toujours Ensemble, a local agency with an excellent reputation for managing after-school programs and boasting strong community relations, particularly within schools, will be implementing the Pathways project in Verdun.

Full Description

Resilient communities prepare their children for the future. Education is a crucial determinant of health and life prospects, and a passport to full participation in the social and economic life of the community.

The Pathways to Education program, pioneered in Toronto’s Regent Park in 2001, has met with remarkable success in engaging young people and their families: high school graduation rates have risen, while crime and early pregnancy rates among participants have dropped. Toujours Ensemble, with support from Pathways Canada, successfully completed the community engagement phase and launched an adapted Verdun model in 2007.

The Foundation is supporting one cohort of approximately 75 students through the Pathways program – from their admission to high school in August 2008 until their graduation in the spring of 2013. We are particularly interested in learning how the program’s design needs to be adapted to the realities of Quebec and how these lessons can benefit Pathways Canada.Toujours ensemble

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  • 2008-2013
  • $ 1,500,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: General contributions