The Omega Foundation


Established in 1992 by Martin Connell, the Omega Foundation develops and supports initiatives that promote financial self-sufficiency through microfinance and enhancing the savings capacity and financial literacy of low-income families.

The Omega Foundation’s SmartSAVER program aims to expand the education opportunities of lower-income students by focusing on improving the access of lower-income families to low-risk, low-cost government education savings products, including the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG), and Canada Learning Bond (CLB).

Full Description

A grant from the Foundation will enable the Omega Foundation to build ‘Start My RESP’— an online platform for RESP registration that will operate in a commercially sustainable manner, in partnership with major financial institutions. With Foundation support, Omega will also undertake the recruitment, training, and marketing to launch a viable social enterprise and continue their work building the leadership and capacity of local communities to implement the SmartSAVER program.

Omega Foundation

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  • 2014-2019
  • $ 300,000
  • Funding Type: Past Initiatives
  • Initiatives: McConnell Reconciliation Initiative