Sun Youth

Background of the organization

Sun Youth has been a lifeline for Montrealers in need since 1954. The organization offers many different programs and do community outreach initiatives that include emergency services, competitive sports teams and coaching for all ages, day camp, recreation activities, mentoring and financial support, clothing, a communal kitchen and food bank; Sun Youth adapts to the needs of the community and its staff work tirelessly to alleviate poverty and prevent exclusion.


Project description

Sun Youth received capital campaign support as part of the Foundation’s Montreal funding stream. McConnell funding will be used for the construction of a energy efficient multi-functional community centre in Parc Extension. This will serve as a central location for all of Sun Youth’s services: a food bank, community kitchen, client counselling, sports & mentoring activities for youth and support for seniors.   


  • 2022-2026
  • $ 500,000
  • Funding Type: Montreal funding
  • Funding Stream: Montreal

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