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Background of the organization 

Shift Action protects pensions and the climate by bringing together pension funds and their beneficiaries to combat the climate crisis. They help Canadians understand where their retirement wealth is invested by tracking pension fund investments and strategy. They educate and empower beneficiaries on how to engage constructively with their pension funds to address the climate crisis. 



Project description 

Funding will contribute to empower beneficiaries of Canada’s largest pension funds on climate and Indigenous Rights. Shift Action will target two new pension funds: BC’s largest pension fund (BC Investment Management Corporation) and the Canada Pension Plan. Shift Action will continue to work with labour unions to mobilize their members and provide recommendations to regulate pension funds’ investments. 


  • 2022-2025
  • $600,000
  • Grant Type: Focus Area Funding
  • Funding Stream: Climate

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Related Funding

Shift: Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Wealth (MakeWay)

The Shift Action for Pension Wealth project will focus on creating a self-sustaining pension holder movement supporting action and accountability by pension funds on climate risk.

$ 300,000

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